A trip to the finest places Greece has to offer exclusively for women. Think bright white houses, crystal clear waters and exquisite Mediterranean beauty – explore the endless opportunities my country has to offer! Join me on a trip to discover Greece’s most popular destinations as well as, hidden gems of unparalleled beauty.



Ten days filled with the astounding beauty of the sea, colors, smells, new tastes, friendships in the making and wandering around incredible landscapes.

 In the course of these ten days, we will be exploring Athens,

 The mesmerizing blue of the islands from Santorini to Astypalea.

 The gastronomy paradise called Naxos island and the alternative island of Koufonisi



 June 2020 or October 2020


Our route includes cities, small towns and islands

(Athens, Santorini, Naxos, Koufonisi, Astypalea island)

And the package includes accommodation with breakfast, hotels

Private transports, plane and ferry tickets.


Arrival in Athens

Day to explore the city with overnight stay

Flight to Santorini

Day to explore the island

Ferry to Astypalea with overnight stay there

Additional island: Naxos y Koufonisi

Back to Athens


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