A trip for the women who would love to travel alone and explore the magnificent Italy.



Ten days in central and southern Italy on a route featuring trains and planes, visiting emblematic Italian cities and picturesque villages.

 We’ll be walking around Florence and exploring the Italian countryside in Tuscany,

 Grab an aperitivo in Rome,

 Then off to Bari and the enchanting village of Matera

 And on to Sicily’s capital, Palermo

 Where we will be visiting Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe and enjoy the famous Italian sea and sun



 June 2020

Possible upcoming dates for a solo women group:

October 2020


The final route features cities, villages and the island of Sicily

(Florence, Tuscany, Rome, Bari, Matera, Palermo)

And the package includes accommodation with breakfast, hotels, apartments

Train tickets, ferry and plane tickets.


Arrival in Rome with overnight stay

Train trip to Florence with overnight stay

Day to explore the city and overnight stay

Day trip to the villages of Tuscany and overnight stay

Back to Rome to take a flight to Bari and overnight stay


Day trip to Matera and overnight stay in Bari

Flight to Palermo and overnight stay

Day to explore the city and overnight stay

Return to Rome, day out in the city and overnight stay

Departure to USA/PR 


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